Why grapefruit juice is your daily dose of good health?

Why grapefruit juice is your daily dose of good health?

Not many people know but grapefruit can actually help you lose body fat in an unexpectedly effective way. If you go to the market for buying grapefruit, you can avail them in different colors of white, pink, red or yellow.

You will find the varieties of grapefruit that has a combination of both sour and sweet taste. Whichever color or flavor of grapefruit you choose, the calorie content of grapefruit is extremely low. Unlike the low-calorie content, you will notice that the nutritional value and flavor of grapefruit is very high. If you take just half a grapefruit every day, you will end up with at least half amount of vitamin C intake. This is one of the beneficial aspects of taking grapefruit in your diet, as a powerful source of vitamin C.

Why consume grapefruit?

If you consume grapefruit on a daily basis, the fruit promises you with multiple additional health benefits. Grapefruit contains several phytochemicals such as beta carotene (both red and pink varieties) and lycopene, that promotes overall health. You will also find the presence of other phytochemicals like limonoids (including limonin) and flavonoids (including naringenin) in grapefruits. If you are thinking about losing body weight in a healthy way, you can include grapefruit in your daily diet.

Top 2 benefits of grapefruit

  1. Weight loss

If you plan to add grapefruit in your diet for weight loss purposes, you are on the right track. The major enzyme that is present in grapefruit is called AMPK (Adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). This protein kinase enzyme, in turn, gets triggered by nootkatone, an organic compound that you will find in grapefruits.

When AMP-activated protein kinase gets stimulated, it encourages all the energy synthesizing process in your body such as glucose uptake. This kind of activity boosts your overall body’s metabolic rate and contributes to effective weight loss. AMPK gets activated when you exercise, to use up the stored sugar in your muscles and burn excess fat. You may also get benefitted with enhanced insulin resistance along with weight loss if you consume even half of a grapefruit daily.

  1. Reduction of cellulite
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If you take grapefruit for weight loss, you will also be benefitted with reduced cellulite formation. You can inhale the vapor of grapefruit extract, which will stimulate your nervous system with a high percentage of 250. This inhalation of the vapor can help you reduce the formation of cellulite in your body. You can combine the grapefruit aromatherapy technique by the application of a topical cream, containing caffeine to get a slimming effect.

By consuming grapefruit in the form of juice helps you increase the levels of anti-inflammatory effects significantly. Apart from that, you may also get benefitted with skin-cleansing effects because of the presence of bromelain enzyme in grapefruits. This enzyme helps to break down cellulite in your body. Thus, if you are speculating on how to ward off cellulite from your body, grapefruit might just do the right trick for you.

Other benefits of grapefruit

  1. Fights cancer

You must have heard about the important phytochemicals present in grapefruit. Limonin and naringenin help you to reduce the growth of cancer in your skin, mouth, breast, stomach, colon, and lung. Various studies have shown that the proliferation of cells in your body towards the formation of cancerous tumors slows down due to grapefruit components.

A lot of important phytochemicals present in grapefruit promote the phenomenon of apoptosis, which is also called programmed cell death. Apoptosis ensures that all the cancer forming cells in your body undergo self-destruction. Grapefruit phytochemicals reduce inflammation and enhance the production of enzymes that turn off the effects of carcinogens.

Vitamin C present in grapefruit acts as an antioxidant. It prevents all damaging harmful effects done to DNA by free radical generation in your body cells, thereby preventing the process of carcinogenesis. Thus, you can take grapefruit for being a cancer-fighting fruit.

  1. Immunity booster

If you take the pink and red varieties of grapefruit, they add bioflavonoids to your body. These bioflavonoids aim at increasing or boosting your immunity level for fighting any disease. When your body cells involved in fighting with diseases encounters vitamin C from grapefruit, they become more stimulated. Your disease fighting vital cells can then identify and get rid of all invading microorganisms that can cause illness. Thus, by taking grapefruit juice, you can actually stay away from any sort of illnesses or sicknesses.

  1. Improve skin texture and health
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You may often come across beauty and cosmetic products in the market, promising you with numerous skin cleansing effects. Grapefruit contains vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. This helps in protecting your skin and also promotes the production of collagen. It is a major protein that is important in building your skin cells and their regeneration. Collagen is the master component of your skin that promotes a youthful appearance, anti-aging, and wrinkle-free skin tone.

If you purchase pink grapefruit, you’d also get rich content of beta carotene protein. It helps in slowing down the process of skin aging and gets rid of hyperpigmentation. Grapefruit contains lycopene, which guards your skin against any sunburn effects or damage due to sun exposure. It also prevents mutation in your skin cells and wards off inflammation.

Grapefruit acts as a pore cleansing agent and also fights any breakouts in your skin. You can easily use grapefruit extracts or consume it in the form of juice as a home remedial method.

Final thoughts

The best part about adding grapefruits to your diet is that you get the best of health benefits in the form of a tasty snack. Grapefruits are delicious additions to your salads and perfect to add to your breakfast every day. You can also make smoothies by adding some yogurt to it. If you love oatmeal, you can add grapefruit and yogurt with it for another breakfast option. Having a handful of grapefruits can do all the magic and make your skin glow like your forever 21!

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