Rose Gold Foil Invitations Everyone will Love

Rose gold

Invitations are a basic requirement for all events, and a wedding is no different. These invitations are your chance to make an impression on your guests before the event, as wedding invites set the tone of the actual ceremony.

Every little detail makes a difference, down to the font and paper kind you use. Therefore, it is better to invest in good-quality wedding invitations to formally begin the ceremony with a bang.

You can customize your wedding invitation in a variety of ways. Starting with the color scheme, design, and layout. Next, you can move on to extras like embellishments and envelopes. Speaking of color, rose gold wedding invitations are a big thing these days.

You may be wondering why? So are we.

Why Are Rose Gold Foil Invitations So Popular?

Rose gold foil invitations are quite popular as they exude a sense of wealth, opulence, elegance, and class. This is because gold is a symbol of wealth, which automatically translates to all gold derivatives.

Not only this, rose gold is a very beautiful color; caught between the bright glare of gold and the tentative sweetness of pink, rose gold flaunts a blush-like shade that is appealing to all gazes. It speaks of dusky skies and peaceful mornings. In addition, rose gold goes well with all sorts of colors, be it black, white, or anything else.

Rose gold foil invitations are loved by almost everyone, as their elegance is undeniable.

How Can I Decorate My Wedding Invitation With Rose Gold?

In this era and era, social media is filled with different trends and traditions. They come and go on the whims of the few influencers who run the instagram-life. Many such trends are ignorable, but some appear to stay. Rose gold was one of the latter.

It first appeared in the 2010s and has never left the trendy items list. Rose gold foil leaves a lot of room for creativity so that you can create a card as per your wishes and desires.

Gild the edges:

The first thing you can do is gild the edges of your invitation with rose gold foil. It will add color and texture to your wedding invitation card, making it more appealing and memorable. Gilding the edges is a pretty simple task, and you can find lots of tutorials online.

However, it can be exhausting to do in bulk. Thus it is better to order such customizations online as the work will be neater and more coherent. Plus, you will be able to redirect your energy to other, more important tasks.

Dust the seal:

We are all aware of painting techniques that use gold leaf to create the painting. If you are thinking of adding a wax seal to your invitation, you can dust the seal with rose gold foil.

Once again, there are numerous tutorials available online. But the process is pretty easy and quite worth it. The rose gold foil lends your invitation an elegant and glittering look that tethers on the edge of royalty.

Pair with ribbons:

If you want to place the foil as it is, then you can stick it to the outer side of your invitation or a translucent paper before using a cream satin ribbon to top off the entire thing. This will beautify the color scheme of your invitation and make it appear more luxe.

Emboss the invitation:

If nothing else works for you, this option surely will. You can emboss intricate patterns and floral designs on your invitation card in rose gold. These cards will enhance the outlook of your invitation and add texture to it.

Moreover, embossing is not limited to floral designs, and you can imprint any design of your choice.

The Final Word

Wedding invitations are a necessary part of your big day. They formalize the event and establish a connection. Moreover, the excitement gets real with the invites posted away. Therefore, the first step should be graceful but magnificent.

You can do so by creating a luxury wedding invitation. The easiest way for this is to choose rose gold. Rose gold is a unique color that is one for the ages. It is beautiful, bold, and exudes class. If you like your invitations elegant but impactful, rose gold foil is just the right embellishment.

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