Why Tooth-Colored Fillings for Kids Are Worth Considering

Most kids are known for their obsession with drinking and eating sugary things. As a result, tooth decay and sensitivity have become common issues affecting the younger generation. Thankfully, there is an answer to these issues, so you should not be worried. To deal with cavities and sensitivities, tooth-colored fillings for kids Montgomery are vital options you can consider as a caring parent. These fillings offer numerous benefits your child can enjoy, meaning you should not let your child suffer. Let’s look at why tooth-colored fillings for kids are worth considering.

Aesthetic Appearance

The aesthetic appearance of tooth-colored fillings is such that nobody can notice your child has them. On the contrary, silver amalgam fillings tend to differ from natural teeth when you smile or laugh. However, tooth-colored can look similar to the natural shade of the teeth of the child, making them almost unnoticeable. Moreover, you can decide whether your kid undergoes teeth whitening before getting tooth-colored fillings, which creates a brighter composite shade to look similar to new teeth.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Less Prone to Causing Allergy

In some instances, some kids are allergic to metals. Even though few cases have been reported, amalgam allergies usually happen. Sometimes the symptoms of this allergy are similar to those of skin allergy. Some of these allergies include rashes and itching during a flare-up. Therefore, if your children are allergic to certain metals, you should notify your pediatric dentist during your appointment. This process will help you choose tooth-colored fillings instantly because they are unlikely to cause allergies.

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No Leakage or Corrosion

Regardless of how long your kid (s) has a white filling, the composite material cannot corrode. Because the dentist bonds the tooth-colored material directly to the tooth, saliva has no space to leak into and develop new complications. As a result, the kid’s filling appears natural, but you can be confident about the appearance of their teeth. Therefore, you should consider investing in these fillings on your kid so corrosion and leakage cannot occur.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Does Not Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Usually, it is common to experience tooth sensitivity after a dental filling procedure. More particularly, kids report more tooth sensitivity after receiving an amalgam filling. As a result, tooth-colored fillings are recommended. Sometimes the sensitivity can occur due to changes in pressure in the atmosphere and ice cream. This sensitivity can disappear after some weeks. However, these weeks are long for children who do not know why a tooth is hurting.

Long Lasting Results

A tooth-colored filling can last for around 20 years. However, the kid should maintain good care regularly to enjoy these results. For instance, the child should practice regular brushing and flossing. Besides, tooth-colored fillings are strong enough to support and endure the constant grinding and chewing pressures for many years. This robustness can significantly offer 10-year effects. The security of your kids’ health and smile gives them peace of mind that they are not prone to other risks.

If left untreated, kids’ dental complications, such as sensitivity, discomfort, and pain, can affect their abilities to chew, speak, or laugh. Furthermore, their stained teeth can make them receive negative perceptions from their friends. Therefore, if your kid (s) are struggling with a cavity or decay, you should see your pediatric provider immediately. Your pediatric dentist will examine your child’s dental health to confirm whether the kid is the right candidate for tooth-colored fillings. If yes, the provider will develop a treatment plan and start it immediately.

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