Silver Diamine Fluoride for Cavity Treatment

Silver Diamine Fluoride for Cavity Treatment

Tooth cavities can adversely affect oral health and become severe if not treated. While teeth cavities can be treated with drilling and filling, they are not the only solution. Corona Silver Diamine Flouride effectively treats cavities and fights against tooth decay. Silver diamine fluoride treatment is effective in fighting back against tooth cavities and keeping your kid’s mouth healthy and clean. Below is everything you need to know about silver diamine fluoride in treating teeth cavities.

What Exactly Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Commonly known as SDF, silver diamine fluoride is a clear, odorless antibiotic fluid used in dental treatments to help prevent the growth and spread of tooth cavity formation. Silver, fluoride, ammonia, and water are the ingredients of silver diamine fluoride. Silver strengthens your dentin and kills the bacteria, while fluoride boosts the remineralization process that helps your teeth to rebuild. The water works as a liquid base, and ammonia concentrates the solution. Silver diamine fluoride treatment has been FDA approved for use in the U.S. since 2014, which guarantees its effectiveness and safety. no negative toxicity effects have been reported so far.

Why Should You Consider Silver Diamine Fluoride?

The chemical ingredients in SDF function to eliminate bacteria that cause tooth decay while preventing the cavity from spreading to adjacent teeth. This makes silver diamine fluoride an appropriate treatment for preventing tooth cavities and stopping their spread once they have already developed. SDF’s benefits include; a noninvasive, quick, and painless procedure and effective in halting and preventing tooth cavities. The treatment is also a perfect option for patients with special healthcare needs or significant dental anxiety preventing them from undertaking the traditional drilling procedure.

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What Should You Expect During a Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment?

Silver diamine fluoride is directly applied to your teeth’ surface in a noninvasive and gentle procedure. When you take your kid for silver diamine fluoride treatment, your dentist will begin by brushing and rinsing the kid’s teeth without toothpaste to eliminate any visible plaque. The dentist then places gauze or cotton on your kid’s affected teeth to keep them dry. Using a vacuum suction device, they then eliminate the remaining moisture from your teeth.

When the teeth are completely dry, the dentist applies SDF solution to the teeth with cavities using a micro brush. The treatment is given some minutes to cure the cavities. The dentist recommends your kid wait for about an hour before drinking or eating to allow the SDF solution to cure completely.

Is SDF Safe to Use?

SDF has been approved as safe to use. However, the treatment causes some side effects, such as; a metallic taste in the mouth and gum irritation that goes away in a few days. It might also result in irreversible dark stains in the applied areas, especially on tooth cavities. Avoid undertaking SDF treatment if you have a history of silver allergy or tooth decay and lesions that have opened the pulp tissues.

Silver diamine fluoride effectively prevents cavities from developing, particularly in kids. It combines silver’s antibacterial properties and fluoride’s teeth remineralization properties to strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities. Ultimately, silver diamine fluoride can help enhance your kid’s dental health.

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