What to Expect from Your Restorative Dentistry Appointment

Dentistry Appointment

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that helps you improve your oral health and self-esteem. It involves different procedures that deal with issues like missing teeth, tooth cavities, and misaligned jaws. You can also undergo a full mouth construction when you seek restorative dentistry Fairfield to improve your dental system.

Who is the right candidate for restorative dentistry?

You are the right candidate for restorative dentistry if you have dental issues like cavities, missing teeth, damaged teeth, or gums due to an infection or traumatic injury. After a thorough assessment, your dentist will determine which procedures suit you best.

What does the process entail?

Your restorative dentistry appointment will depend on the procedure or procedures that you will receive. It is important to understand that the process involves having more than one procedure completed. The methods that you can undergo during your appointment might include the following.


Your specialist might recommend dental crowns if you have damaged teeth. The procedure involves shaving and shaping your tooth so that the crown can fit over your remaining tooth perfectly. The crown acts as a protective cover for your tooth. It is ideal for discolored teeth or teeth with large fillings that require support.


If you require dental work, but the roots of your teeth cannot support the procedure, you might need to undergo a dental implant procedure. Your dentist might need to replace your teeth and place metallic posts to help support other procedures like crowns.

Recovery from restorative dentistry varies from one procedure to the other. However, aftercare revolves around the same principles, which involve proper hygiene, like brushing your teeth and flossing daily to maintain your results.

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Benefits of restorative dentistry

As the name suggests, restorative dentistry works to restore the function of your mouth. Your specialist uses procedures that will tackle dental problems to ensure you can chew properly and speak confidently. The following are two significant benefits of restorative dentistry.

Improve oral health

If you have tooth cavities, you might as well experience the pain that can make you miserable. The situation affects your ability to eat; without food, it can affect your nutrition and overall health. Your dentist will treat tooth cavities and fix damaged or broken teeth to ensure optimal oral health.

Boost your confidence

You might find it challenging to socialize and interact with friends or colleagues if you have dental issues. You might want to keep to yourself because you don’t want people to see your dental imperfections. When you consult with your healthcare provider about what procedures can benefit you, you will be on the path to reclaiming your confidence.

Restorative dentistry can help your teeth look better than before and increase your confidence improving your social interactions.

If you have dental issues like cavities and broken or missing teeth, visit Freedom Dental for restorative dentistry. You will undergo an extensive mouth examination before your specialist recommends a suitable treatment or treatments depending on your needs and goals. Call or schedule an appointment online and boost your confidence.

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