Here are 5 Leg Health Tips to Avoid Varicose Veins

Having enlarged and visible veins on your skin can affect your confidence and self-esteem. The condition mainly results from unnecessary pressure on your veins which often weakens and damages the valves and walls of the veins over time. Fortunately, the Plantation varicose veins specialists offer several effective treatments for the condition. Better, the condition is preventable with simple actions. Your lifestyle has a lot to do with varicose veins and making some adjustments can greatly help. Also, improving the health of your legs will prevent varicose veins from developing. Here is how to go about it.

No More Prolonged Standing

Excess venous pressure on your feet is more contributed by standing in one posture for a long period. It results in your veins weakening over time, and varicose veins and other complications follow. It can also worsen any existing leg complication. Although some jobs make prolonged standing unavoidable, you can mitigate the situation through frequent shifting positions. Take short breaks frequently and walk around to promote blood flow to your legs. Also, you can take your lunch while seated and try to elevate your legs.

Improve Your Sitting Habits

Sitting also has a lot to do with varicose veins. First, prolonged sitting also constrains blood flow in your legs, contributing to venous complications. Therefore, consider taking short breaks, standing, and walking around. You can consider fetching files yourself. Also, sitting posture can affect your leg health. Ensure you sit properly straight up without crossing your legs. Ensure you adjust your chair to a position where your feet rest properly on the floor. Keep your legs apart to promote proper blood flow.

Elevate Your Legs

After a busy day on your legs, elevation can significantly help avoid varicose veins. Get an elevation stool at home and use it when resting. You can also use pillows to elevate your legs when lying on the sofa or bed. Ensure you elevate the legs above your heart for about 15 minutes several times a day to reduce pressure from your legs. You can also consider getting an adjustable chair or an invasion table.

Update Your Wardrobe

What you wear on your lower body significantly affects blood flow. Tight-fitting pants or leggings can constrict blood flow in your legs, contributing to or worsening complications like varicose veins. Therefore, you might want to change your clothes and go for properly fitting clothes to avoid the issues. Also, your feet can affect circulation in your legs. High-heeled and ill-fitting shoes can increase pressure on your feet, causing complications. Wear low-heeled shoes to tone your calves and elevate pressure from your feet. Also, avoid tightness and pinching by wearing shoes that properly fit our feet.

Invest in Compression Stockings

It is important to understand your varicose vein development risks in advance. It helps you take proactive measures like regular wearing of compression stockings. The stockings are available from the local stores, but getting a prescription from your doctor is critical. The stocking comes in different types offering different compressions. Ensure you get stockings that only provide adequate pressure to your legs to boost circulation and not feel tight.

Protecting your legs can help avoid varicose veins and other vascular complications. Contact the South Florida Vascular Associates varicose vein specialists for more information. Request a consultation appointment online or make a call right away.

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