How a Thread Lift Procedure Can Improve Your Facial Appearance

Due to old age, your facial skin may develop jowls and appear floppy and loose. You can decide to reverse these changes through a cosmetic procedure known as thread lift. A thread lift is a less invasive cosmetic procedure that can effectively tighten your facial skin and make you look younger and vibrant. If you are worried about the saggy and aging skin on your face, contact a threadlift Rockville Centre specialist to help you smoothen the wrinkles on your face. Are you considering a thread lift procedure? Here is everything you should know about it.

How Do Thread Lifts Remove Signs of Aging?

As soon as you notice signs of aging on your face, it might be a good time to consider a thread lift procedure. This procedure involves stitching loose facial skin using a medical-grade thread and needle.

As the needle and thread go through your skin, it stimulates the production of new tissue skin cells and helps with rejuvenation. Additionally, thread lifts usually stimulate the production of skin protein components such as collagen elastin which delays and reduces the skin-aging process.

Which Areas Are Best for a Thread Lift Procedure?

A thread lift procedure is usually more effective on facial areas that look baggy or loose, such as the brow line, cheeks, jawline, forehead, and jowls. Also, your neck can significantly show signs of aging over time, but with a thread lift procedure, the skin around it can smoothen out and look vibrant. Thread lifts can also be done to lift and tighten the skin around your breasts, particularly after a drastic weight loss or pregnancy.

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How Much Does a Thread Lift Procedure Cost?

The cost of a thread lift procedure might vary due to several factors, such as the treatment location and the targeted treatment areas. Also, based on the doctor’s experience, you might accrue more or fewer costs.

A facial thread lift procedure is cheaper than a facelift by 40%. It can cost between 1500 to 4500 dollars, but with an insurance cover, the costs might reduce. However, thread lift procedures on breasts and other skin parts are usually more costly than a facial thread lift.

Benefits of Choosing a Thread Lift Over Other Procedures

A thread lift procedure usually takes less time to recover since it is less invasive and done under local anesthesia. You are at no risk of scarring after the procedure and can often return to your normal work routine immediately. You are also at a lower risk of complications associated with a general anesthetic, such as itching and muscle aches.

Thread lifts are more affordable than facial surgical procedures such as facelifts. After the procedure, you may only develop mild swelling and soreness, which goes away after a day or two.

What Should You Expect After the Procedure?

After a successful thread lift, you can expect some bruising and swelling that may subside in the coming days. Thread lifts are not permanent treatment methods; you can only begin to notice the effects after one to three years.

After a successful procedure, your healthcare provider can advise against rubbing your face or applying moisturizing creams during the initial weeks. You might also need to avoid saunas and vigorous exercises since they might significantly interfere with your healing process.

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If you are looking for an effective way to reduce the appearance of aging on your skin, thread lifts are an excellent option. Consult with a thread lift specialist from South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine on how to begin treatment and your facial skin goals. Call or book an appointment online to start your treatment plan.

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