5 Tips On How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

5 Tips On How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

The season of winters is upon us, which fuels our quest to plan a vacation. However near or far a place is that you choose to visit, it requires a certain amount of preparation beforehand. Although the journey or the period of traveling is an absolutely amazing experience one can have, your focus on the health might crumble down the list of priorities. This generally tends to happen due to the other things that do the work of keeping you preoccupied. But when it comes to optimal health, you know you cannot afford to show laxity. Thus, it is imperative for you to take care of your well being while you set off on your beautiful trip. This article intends to address the conundrum by laying some tips you can easily abide by, to ensure you stay healthy while on the travel.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking our regular sips of water is something we might waver from during the travel period. However, it is important to realize the necessity that accrues to the regular consumption of water. A study conducted suggests that our bodies require a minimum of 3 liters of water on a daily basis to function well. Due to its ability to provide a good cleanse to the system, it helps remove toxins and replenish the dead cells in the body. This enables the body to remain energetic and see through the day with utmost efficiency. Travelling can also cause tiredness and fatigue, which you shall be able to avoid by taking your regular sips of water. We can often mistake being thirsty for being hungry as well. Thus, being hydrated shall ep us prevent overeating.

Who doesn’t want to look their best self when they head off to their destination for the vacation? Drinking water more often than make your skin look radiant and improve the functioning of your kidney. There’s another tip that might come off as handy to you. Since it is highly likely for you to indulge in a variety of street foods while on the go, it might end up upsetting your stomach. Thus, consume a glass of water at least 30 minutes before you eat anything to invigorate the process of digestion.

Don’t miss your Exercise

All of us want to be at our energetic and active selves while traveling and enjoying our vacations. Munching on the native cuisines and too much snacking can cause a little bit of bloating of the body. But there’s nothing you need to worry about. Indulging in a workout session can help you shed off the excess calories also is important to wear gym apparel while exercising as they are super comfy and is made of light and breathable fabric. You can try finding a hotel to stay in that has a fitness center or a gym. In case you are unable to, there are ample exercises you can perform to liven up the body at the comforts of your room or a park.

Going for a jog is ideal, coupled with a range of exercises that include push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and planks. You can even perform the HIIT exercises. These high-intensity exercises burn 25-30% more calories than the other forms of exercises according to a study. Working out shall give your mood a boost by releasing the happy hormones in the body known as the endorphins. An article suggests that regularly exercising shall also help you keep your brain functioning intact. It shall also promote your cardiovascular health by making the heart muscles efficient and invigorate the process of pumping blood throughout the body. Those who wish to keep their muscle mass unharmed while on a journey must not forget to carry the strengthen-inducing creatine supplements along with them.

Don’t skip your breakfast

As we all know, the meal we eat for breakfast is the most significant one in the entire day. As per a study, those who have a habit of skipping their breakfast are likely to contract more elements than those who are regular with it. Some of the common ones of these include fat accumulation, heart diseases, irregular blood pressure, and depression.

Thus, make it a point to have your meal within 2 hours of waking up in the morning. Not only will it replenish your glucose levels from the night long of deprivation, but shall also keep it active for the day. On difficult days, you can take the recourse of eating oatmeal, eggs, or even a bowl of fresh fruits. Pesto salad is also an ideal option for the breakfast, owing to its ease of preparation and nutritional value. 

Cut back on caffeine and alcohol

To maintain your fitness levels, it is necessary that you be mindful about what you drink and eat. Limit the consumption of comfort beverages that include caffeine and alcohol. They contribute to the harm caused to the gut and can spur the growth of anxiety disorders. They can also meddle with your calmness, peace, and contentment if had in a higher amount. You would definitely want to get ample rest after a day full of hustling. Choosing to end the day with these beverages can cause an increase in the dopamine levels, blocks the adenosine, and suppresses the melatonin. All these disruptions in the normal production lead to an unsettling sleep-wake cycle and become the cause for the onset of insomnia.

You can rather switch to a number of healthy snacks on the travel including seeds, nuts, fruits, healthy bars, and dark chocolate. You can also munch on a bowl of sprouts for its availability to keep the stomach full for longer periods of time. These would help keep your mind clear instead of sapping you off the energy.

Embrace walking

We all know how important it is to at least walk for about 30 minutes a day. While traveling long distances shall require the use of vehicles, try walking on steps for shorter distances to maintain the fitness of the body. Walking around a new city shall also give you a chance to explore it way better. Besides, it will keep the blood circulation running in the body and shall work towards the improvement of the mood. Wherever you come across elevators and escalators, skip them to take the stairs. This will promote increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness since moving on the steps reduces the LDL in the body and increases the HDL. Besides, walking lowers the blood pressure and keeps it in check as per the findings of an article.

Walking around a city can be refreshing as well since you are likely to come across the beautiful; places that you might jump while traveling in a vehicle. It is ideal to walk your way to the destination which is in the range of 2-3 kilometers away. It shall facilitate the reduction of body fat and promote stronger bones and increased muscle mass.

Staying healthy during the days of traveling might come across as a task, but is quite achievable. It only takes a certain sense of mindfulness and responsibility. Just make sure you imbibe these tips in your schedule and you are good to go for your beautiful and joyous journey.

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