What is causing back pain when you ride Motorcycle?

What is causing back pain when you ride Motorcycle?

Motorcycles are such a charm. As kids, we used to feel fascinated by every motorcycle that passed by and dreamt of owning one someday. From driving lessons to saving up every penny, all these lead to that one day when you brought home your dream bike Like suzuki sv650. The first ride on the road with the wind through your hair and riding on your motorcycle is a blissful experience. This could only get better if your fellow enthusiasts join you in the exciting adventure on the road. But you know what could kill the mood? Enjoying the gorgeous view and ride but a numbing back pain that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable that starts to ruin your ride.

So, if you are experiencing back pain while you are riding your motorcycle it is important that you find out what might be causing it. The reason behind the motorcycle pain could be either due to physical or ergonomic factors during the ride.

Correcting the physical factors

  • The position of your handlebar, foot pegs and seats are among the major reasons behind why you might be experiencing back pain. If the seat is at the wrong height then you need to put more effort on your back while riding.
  • The seat should also be wide enough to accommodate your entire hip area and it’s advisable to add additional back support. You can look into options such as stock seats or other choices through sellers in the market to find your ideal seating arrangement.
  • Get the seat arranged at the right height that makes you feel comfortable while riding such that it does not put too much pressure on your back. This upgrade would be a great choice for you. You can also invest in an ergonomic seat and swap the old one out for this better option.
  • Handlebar and footpegs combinations: Next area of focus that you might need to work on your motorcycle is the handlebar and the foot pegs. There are 3 major combinations of the 2 which are available to choose from- the racer, cruiser, and the standard.
  • A standard is a neutral position for riding where the rider is in a straight position without leaning in or away too much. The arms are comfortably extended and knees well bent. Make sure the foot pegs are not set back extremely far to avoid discomfort. Work on the right height for the handlebars. This position is ergonomically beneficial as it shifts the load off the back and hence can help avoid back pains.
  • The cruiser position has the rider inclined slightly towards the rear of the motorcycle. The hands need to be extended so as to reach the handlebar. While this is a great choice, if the handlebar is too high or if the foot pegs are placed too forward this might cause discomfort. Arrange them in the right positions to avoid pain.
  • Finally, the racer position is the right choice for road racing. If you are following the position for your everyday ride it might cause pain in the back and arms as the entire weight gets shifted while leaning forward.
  • Make sure the foot pegs are not situated too far behind and the height of handlebar is appropriate. The adjustment positions for foot pegs might be available and you can make minor changes yourself. Look into floorboards as an alternative to foot pegs.


While all the above tips can set the geometry right if the pain continues then understanding your physical kinetics while riding can help you fix the problem.

  • Body strength and ergonomics have an essential role and working on the same can help reduce back pain. Not having the muscle strength to propel or ride your motorcycle will definitely cause terrible pain in the back. Having enough strength and flexibility will make your ride more comfortable.
  • Grip the tank of your motorcycle with your knee and this will help in balancing the weight on your legs efficiently. Your center of mass needs to be well balanced between the pegs and make sure you do not lean too much towards to handlebars.
  • Take up muscle stretching exercises or practice yoga that can enhance your flexibility. Abdominal core training can help strengthen your lower back muscles too so workout to ensure a comfortable ride.

Persistent back pain caused due to factors such as the ones listed above can turn out to become serious problems in the future. By finding the right position to ride and making yourself comfortable on the road you stop falling bait for only looking cool. Make sure you correct these positions on time to stay ahead of the others who might not have yet figured out what is causing the problem.

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