All About Staying Healthy And Fit

All About Staying Healthy And Fit

Exercise is the combination of various physical muscle workout activities. This helps in burning extra calories in the body. There are various physical exercises like running, swimming, walking, jogging and dancing. You can choose any one or a combination of exercises for staying fit.

It has been shown that being fit have various health benefits. It is beneficial both physically and mentally. It may also give you a longer and healthier life.

Here are some benefits of being fit and exercising regularly.

  • Relaxed mind

Regular exercising can help your brain release chemicals which will enable your mind to relax. You will experience fewer mood swings, a slowdown in the feeling of depression, stress, and anxiety. Exercising can help in releasing the hormones named norepinephrine and serotonin. These hormones are useful in relieving the feeling of depression.

You can also feel refreshed and delighted, thanks to the endorphins hormone. It helps in generating positive energy in the body. It also contributes to the reduction of feeling pain. It is to be noted that irrespective of the intensity of the workout, you can experience a significant change in your mood. You will feel more confident and aware of your mental happiness.

  • Weight Loss

The major goal of every person undertaking any exercising regime is to reduce excess weight. Obesity is one of the increasing problems nowadays. People are undergoing various treatments to lose weight. Instead of depending on medications, it is always better to start doing exercises in order to reduce weight.

It is important to understand the relation between food intake and the process of burning calories. It is recommended to eat healthy and low-calorie food and get the optimum advantage of exercising. Regular exercising helps in increasing the metabolism rate in the body making it easier to shed off extra kilos.

  • Strengthen the core

Regular exercising and fitness program helps in strengthening the core muscles and bones in the body. It is very important to maintain the strength of the core muscles of the legs and lower back. Strong muscles in lower back will enable it to absorb jerks and shocks in a better way. Similarly, the strong muscles in the legs will help the knee and other ligaments to be more flexible and agile.

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Due to increasing age, the texture and quality of bones and ligaments tend to degrade. This makes them vulnerable to injuries. High impact exercises like aerobics gymnastics; running, etc. have proven to actually increase the strength and density of the bones. It can also prevent osteoporosis disease.

  • Higher Energy Levels

You will experience high energy levels in your body. Once you start feeling good about yourself and full of positive energy, you can feel energetic all day long. A person needs 8 hours of sleep in a complete day.

Going to bed on time and rising early can make you feel relaxed. And on exercising this feeling can be increased to another level. According to a study, a continuous six weeks of regular exercising can be helpful in reducing the stress and anxiety levels in people.

  • Other Benefits

Apart from these, the other benefits of staying fit to include a glowing skin, reduction in risks of any chronic diseases, improves the well being of your brain, improves memory, helps you relax and have a good sleep, etc.

These are the benefits of staying fit. Even the doctors advise having a regular fitness regime which will give you a healthy and long life.

Fitness as a profession!

Are you fitness freak and like to pass this trait to others? Well, in this case, you can consider the fitness trainer profession seriously. There are many opportunities that are available in the field of fitness training. The only one condition you need to fulfill is to have a strong desire to accomplish in this field. Some people choose to help people in the way in which they live. While some take the inspiration from an incident in their life which motivates them to pursue this career.

Job Profile

People are of the perception that a fitness trainer is a person who hangs out in the gym the whole day. But this isn’t true at all.

  • Being a Fitness Trainer, you will be expected to have extensive knowledge of various subjects. Along with that knowledge of physiology, human anatomy and the intricacies of this business is also expected
  • You will be expected to design an exercise regime or routine for a client. For this, you should be able to understand his eating habits and lifestyle. This is important so that both you and the client can achieve set goals.
  • You should be able to advise the clients about their eating habits and set their diet plans.
  • You will be required to generate new clients and maintain the clientele list.
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This career seems to be very challenging to many. But once started you can understand the technicalities of this business you will find is a lot easier. Since you will be responsible for a complete well being of a person utmost dedication is expected from you in this field.

Roles offered in this profession

There are different roles of a fitness trainer. They can be classified as under:

  • Aerobics Trainer – The fitness trainer will be specialized in aerobic exercises and other related routines
  • Clinical Exercise Specialist – This is an expert who will be specialized in helping the patients recover from physical ailments due to injuries like accidents and falls
  • Gym Trainer or Group Instructor – This person is specialized in managing training sessions in a gym to a group of people. He will be responsible to impart important details about the fitness routine
  • Personal Trainer – This trainer handles single client at a time. He is responsible for looking after the fitness regime, nutrition intake, weight loss methods and diets

In the words of John F Kennedy – Physical fitness is the foundation for creative and dynamic intellectual mind. You can maintain your health as well. Being into this profession you will be required to maintain your physique as well. Who doesn’t like this?

All the best!

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