Smiles Dental – Dental Implants

Smiles Dental - Dental Implants

Imagine that you’ve lost a tooth. Besides feeling embarrassed, it also makes your chewing difficult. Probably you won’t enjoy what you’re eating right now. Also, it ruins your smile, so you decided that maybe you should go for an implant.

But as soon as you discussed the problem with your dentist, a lot of unfamiliar terms and unpopular procedures you’ve heard. It seems like you’re confused about what is the procedure.

I know you have a lot of questions, but here are my questions that I have found an answer after I visit an orthodontist.

The first question is how dental implant works?

A dental implant is a kind of medical fixture that allows support to your teeth in the jawbone. Various types of dental prostheses are used as implants including a bridge, crown, denture, or other types of facial prostheses.

After that still, I’m curious how dental implants are made?

Dental implants can be made of various materials. Ceramic offers an ivory white look can match the natural color of the teeth more easily than any other material used for implants.

And the final question is Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Yes, you will experience some pain after getting an implant. During the dental implant procedure, there shouldn’t be a pain as you will have been given anesthesia. However, as the numbness wears off, you will most likely start to feel some discomfort.

Pain is a part of life. Sorry to end this article off with a slap of reality, but it’s true.

I hope this information helped you get a quick run-through about dental implants and how dental services can improve your dental hygiene and health.

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