How Clothes Reveal Your Personality

How Clothes Reveal Your Personality

Clothes are an extremely important part of self-expression. They can inform people about your socio-economic background, what your interests are, your potential income, and a variety of other unsaid information. According to an interview done by Forbes (2012) with the leading clinical psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, in American society, clothing is one of the main ways by which class distinctions were, and still are, made. Furthermore, several psychological aspects play a key role in determining the clothes we choose to wear and what that says about our individual personalities.

While it is true that you should never judge a book by its cover, clothes are often the first thing that people notice and pass judgment on. In other words, first impressions matter! That is why it is important to dress in an appropriate manner that suits the occasion. This article will thus highlight how clothes reveal your personality in numerous ways and why you should be conscious of how you dress.

  1. Wearing Bright Colours

The clothes you wear can affect the way in which people behave and react towards you. They can be indicators of the culture you grew up in or how your personal experiences have shaped you. With respect to this, wearing bright colors can represent an outgoing and approachable personality. Furthermore, bright colors are often associated with a more fashion-conscious individual. The ‘in’ color changes almost every season and for many fashionistas, this is an important trend to keep up with.

  1. Classic Colours

Colors like black, navy blue, grey, etc. tend to indicate someone who is well-groomed. Throughout history, these colors signified affluence and power. Thus, they are considered to be classy. Furthermore, these colors are common to wear to a workplace or to other formal occasions. Numerous wardrobe essentials like blazers, stilettos, etc. are often in these colors as they pair really well with other items of clothing. Somber colors can also indicate an individual who is more reserved and introverted. They may take time to open up in new social gatherings and it is good to be mindful of this while engaging them in conversation.

  1. Designer Clothing
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Dressing up in designer wear indicates someone who is very conscious of wealth and self-image. Such people may often choose to define themselves by the designer items they wear. While it is good to own some pieces of designer clothing, dressing exclusively in them may indicate a deep-rooted self-esteem issue. Thus, while clothes reveal your personality in positive ways, it can also reveal to us our insecurities. This is not a negative thing as by becoming aware of such issues, you can then address them and make yourself better.

  1. Printed Clothing

Wearing clothing with printed logos, products, or brands on them portrays an individual who likes to voice their opinion. These people are not afraid of criticism and are not afraid to put themselves out there. Printed clothing is a great way to portray your interests. It could also be a potential topic of conversation when meeting new people as they may possess similar interests prompting them to speak to you. Many times, printed clothing comes in the form of gym apparel. In addition to portraying your interests, you may also find apparel with motivational quotes, stylish designs, etc. that could help you with your workout. Thus, printed clothing is a fun way to explore and showcase your personality.

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  1. Traditional Clothing

Traditional clothing represents an individual who is proud of their culture and heritage. They are not afraid to show the world who they really are and revel in the customs and traditions passed down through generations. For the most part, traditional wear is largely reserved for grand occasions, such as a wedding or a procession. However, it can also be worn under casual circumstances and is a useful opportunity to change up your look every once in a while.

  1. Loose or Tight?
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For many people, the way the clothing fits their body plays a big role in how they view themselves and ties directly into their comfort levels. Loose clothing is a go-to for many individuals who feel confident when they feel comfortable. Similarly, for others, tight clothing makes them feel confident as it is a way to celebrate their body’s shape.

Though clothing stereotypes can sometimes wrongly typecast an individual, there is a deeply psychological element with associating certain colors to certain behavioral traits. Thus, the fact that clothes reveal your personality has a lot to do with the way human beings perceive colors and their functions in society. Thus, there is nothing wrong with you being a friendly person who just happens to like black clothing. Most importantly, it is important to be yourself and wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and which you believe truly expresses your innermost self.

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