Misleading Information Reducing People Seeking Abnormal Pap Smears and HPV Tests

HPV Tests

In recent years there has been an increase in cancer cases. One of the common cancer types among women is cervical cancer. Even though this condition can be fatal, it can be easily treated if diagnosed earlier. Since most women know how risky this condition can be, they are currently going for the diagnosis and treatment early. Even though there are various options, most women are employing Atlanta abnormal pap smears and HPV due to their effectiveness. If you want this treatment, the following are the myths you should stop believing in.

Pap Smears and HPV Tests are Extremely Painful

When seeking treatment, most people have already suffered from pain and are looking for a way to eliminate it. Most patients look for a less painful treatment process. Even though the pain can vary from person to person, the truth is the pain is not as much as most people perceive. In most instances, the person also feels uncomfortable since the speculum tool stretches their vaginal opening. However, this test will last for some minutes, and the discomfort will be temporary.

Pap smear and HPV Test are the same

Some people believe that HPV and Pap smear tests are the same thing. Even though these tests have similarities, they also have notable differences. For instance, when performing a Pap smear test, the specialist will check for cell abnormalities that are likely to be precancerous. Nevertheless, when conducting the HPV test, the specialist could check for viruses’ existence that could cause cervical cancer.

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Pap Smears and HPV Tests Break Your Virginity

In some societies, virginity is one of the most valued aspects of the individual’s life, making people preserve it at all costs. Some people have avoided having Pap smears and HPV tests after hearing that it will end their virginity. The common confusion is because of the hymen on the individual’s vaginal opening. Even though the tools used in this process can break the hymen, the chances are low. Furthermore, you should acknowledge that virginity is a medical concept but a cultural, social, and religious concept.

The Pap Smears and HPV Tests are Unaffordable

Before seeking any treatment, most people consider the cost they will incur. Most people check whether they will afford the whole process. Some have avoided having these tests due to the belief that they are unaffordable. However, we should understand that these tests’ costs are not as high as most people perceive.

You do not require a Pap smear or HPV Test if You Have One Partner

Some women believe they do not require these tests since they only have one sexual partner. However, you should understand this is a dangerous myth since HPV and other cancerous symptoms are not evident immediately. There are other instances where they can be dormant for years. You should seek treatment even when you only have one sexual partner.

Cervical cancer has been one of the leading causes of death among women. Surprisingly even though it has caused many deaths, most deaths could have been avoided if the people had gone for the tests and the treatment started early. Rather than following the same trend, you should try to know your sexual health. Go for regular checkups and ask any question which could be disturbing you.

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