Emtone Body Toning: Here Is What You Should Know

Your body has fat content, meaning you are bound to get cellulite. The difference is it may appear more visible in one skin than the next, and although it is harmless, you want to eliminate it for beauty’s sake. Do not worry about it anymore because Downingtown Emtone is here to save your day from all the stubbornness of cellulite. The person who said ‘no pain, no gain’ may have never met this advanced treatment because Emtone is a smooth and painless procedure for cellulite reduction. Do you want to find out more? Read the discussion below.

What Areas Of The Body Can Receive Treatment With Emtone?

Your doctor can recommend this cellulite reduction procedure to treat cellulite around your body, including your abdomen, love handles, and buttocks, inner and outer thighs. The treatment can also work for the front and back of your thighs, knees, arms, and lower buttocks.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Emtone?

Emtone suits you if you are looking forward to reducing cellulite in your affected areas, thus improving your skin appearance. However, you will benefit most from this treatment if you are close to your ideal weight. Also, pregnant women and patients with pacemakers may not make eligible candidates for Emtone because of the radiofrequency waves involved in treatment.

Is The Procedure Safe?

Generally, Emtone is a safe procedure with no serious side effects. Since treatment is non-invasive and painless, you will require no recovery time. During your session, you will lie on a pad to ensure total safety during treatment. Also, your skin cannot heat up too much and sustain damage since the device can turn itself off before the skin reaches its maximum temperature.

What Will Happen During an Emtone Session?

You will lie down during your session as your doctor works the Emtone device over the targeted treatment areas. Emtone combines radiofrequency energy to warm your dermal layers and targeted pressure energy to reduce the overall size of fat cells. Radiofrequency energy will warm your skin layers and stimulate collagen and elastin production to rejuvenate and remodel your skin. As a result, you will achieve cellulite reduction and skin tightening in one procedure. You will likely require up to four sessions, spaced within two weeks, to achieve maximum benefits with Emtone. However, the number of treatment sessions may vary depending on the treatment area and the degree of cellulite.

What Are The Benefits of Emtone?

First, treatment is non-invasive and thus associated with almost no risks. Secondly, you can have your treatment over a lunch break and then continue your day as soon as after treatment. Treatment is also fast, so you will be in and out quickly. Lastly, there is no pain associated with Emtone.

You want your skin to appear smooth and tight without the imperfection of dimples all over and in the wrong places, right? Emtone is an advanced, safe, and effective procedure that reduces the appearance of cellulite anywhere in your body while boosting collagen and elastin for tight and smooth skin. The treatment combines radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy to enhance circulation and refine skin. Emtone is fast and painless, so you can resume daily activities immediately after treatment without worrying about recovery. You can talk to your doctor about this procedure if you want quick results with no downtime.

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