Top 3 Betting Games to Try Next Time You Visit an Online Casino!

Some people play betting games because it’s fun, they view it as just another form of entertainment to indulge in. Then there are some of us with a highly competitive streak who love the idea of winning. Lastly, there are the ones that love playing betting games, because it’s a viable way to win some cash.

The last group seems like a minority; the highly skilled poker players and pool sharks among us. However, when you consider the member base of sites like live casino it’s easy to see that there are millions of people that play to win money.

Most casino games have something for every type of player, but not all are equal. When it comes to real money betting games, the variants and types of games you play will have an impact on how much you can win. This is where the house edge of every game comes in to play.

There are huge differences in the potential payout of every casino game. Obviously, if you’re playing games that give the house a minimal advantage. Then you can play up on your skills and take home a profit.

You can also use the correct game strategies to further reduce the house edge and come out on top. Keep reading for the top three games to focus on if you want to become a winning player.

#3 – Baccarat

If you never understood the hype about slot games but still want something uncomplicated, then baccarat might be a perfect choice. With baccarat, there is less action required on your part. You simply make your bet and leave the rest up to chance.

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In Baccarat, you can choose from three options. You bet that either the Player or the Banker will, or alternately, it will be a tie bet. After that, the dealer handles the card distribution and luck will determine whether you win the bet or lose.

The basic baccarat strategy dictates that the player is your best bet since the banker bet has a commission attached to it. And most smart players would never make the tie bet since the odds are much worse compared to the first two options.

#2 – Craps

No matter which casino you visit, the craps table is usually one of the most exciting places to be. This goes for online and live dealer games as well. Beginners are usually a bit intimidated by this game, but there’s no reason to be.

If you take some time to learn how to play, you’ll find that craps offer one of the lowest house edges of all betting games. With most bets having a house edge of roughly 1.4%, incredible when you compare it to slots and most other games you can play in a casino.

#1- Blackjack

If you want to play a game that challenges you to use your head, but still offers an element of surprise, then blackjack is it. Not only does it have a mathematically logical method of playing, but it also has the best house edge of all games.

The best part is you don’t need to memorize the strategy, blackjack strategy cards are perfectly legal in any casino. All you need to do is follow it and you can walk away from the table with wins instead of losses.

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