Top 10 CBD Gummies and How To Choose One

CBD Gummies

Cannabidiol (CBD) provides a myriad of potential benefits such as treating anxiety and pain relief. Gummies provide a highly convenient and fun method of taking CBD. They are discreet, tasty, and involve simple ingestion as compared to other methods of usage such as smoking.

With so many CBD gummy options available in the market, you might feel overwhelmed when choosing a brand to buy from. Below is a list of tested gummies to help you find a product that will be most ideal for you.

1. Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries produces pectin-based gummies for vegans and regular gummies made from gelatin. Both products are, however, made from organic CBD and they contain vitamins B-12 and D-3.

2. Charlotte’s Web

This brand drew the attention of most CBD gummy enthusiasts after it proved effective on people suffering from epilepsy. The company produces CBD gummies for people who also suffer from insomnia and anxiety.

3. Joy Organics

The brand has received criticism for the relatively high-end pricing but its products are of high quality. Its products come in multiple flavors that include green apple, strawberry, and lemonade.

4. Penguin CBD

Penguin CBD produces worm-shaped gummies coated in a sweet and slightly sour layer of sugar. It’s worth noting that this manufacturer tests its products for potency and purity with third-party laboratories.

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5. Verma Farms

Verma Farms CBD gummies are slightly more CBD potent than most CBD gummy brands. Their products use CBD isolate that is effective in treating depression. However, they do not have THC content.

6. Happy Hemp

Happy Hemp CBD gummies have an average of 11 mg of CBD each. Their products come in different sizes and flavors that include orange, lime, grape, green, apple, lemon, and mango.

7. Green Roads

Each Green Roads gummy contains 10 mg of cannabinoid extracts from organic hemp plants. They offer a wide range of CBD gummies that include Relax Bears, Relief Toads, and Sleepy Zs among many others.

8. PlusCBD

PlusCBD gummies are ideal for people with a preference for full-spectrum CBD. their products are quite tasty and affordable too with the cheapest product containing 10 gummies going for $12.

9. CBDistillery

CBDistillery sells mainly night-time and daytime gummies. What stands out about this company is that it is U.S Hemp Authority certified so as a consumer, you’re assured that you are using products of very high quality.

10. Seabedee

This San Diego based company makes sweet and fruity gummies with no THC content at all. They extract their CBD with carbon dioxide instead of chemical solvents with the aim of reducing the risks of contaminating the CBD.

How To Choose the Best CBD Gummies For Your Consumption

The CBD industry is largely unregulated and there are companies that pry on the ignorance of customers with low-quality and even harmful products. With so many brands selling CBD gummies, you need to be extra vigilant when choosing the best CBD product for you.

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Make sure that the gummies you buy are completely made from natural ingredients. Avoid products made from chemical solvents. Also, ensure that the brand you buy from is credible. Do some research on the brand and read up customer reviews on people’s experiences with their products.

It’s worth pointing out that it usually takes some time for your body to break down ingested CBD products so it would be wise not to eat too many gummies in one go.

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