Do Knock Knees Go Away with Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Also known as genu valgum, knock knees can make you feel very self-conscious about your legs. The wide gap between your ankles and your knees touching can make the simplest things like walking difficult.

Depending on how severe your knock knees are it may require you to take serious action in order to improve the condition.

One of the most common questions people with knocked knees have is will their knock knees go away after they lose the excessive weight they have?

Does Weight Loss Help Correct Knock Knees

There is no doubt that weight gain can cause knock knees. If you have too much weight it can easily contribute to the inward turn of your knees.

Even if your knock knees isn’t directly caused by excessive weight gain, the excess weight can worsen the appearance of the knocked knees.

The truth is, if you have severe genu valgum it will be hard to fully correct the deformity by just losing weight.

However, there are certain exercises you can perform that will not only help you lose the excess weight worsening the knock knee deformity but also help realign the bones in your knee area.

Best Exercises for Knock Knees

Some of the best exercises to realign and stabilize the knees will work primarily your leg, hip, and thigh muscles.

When these muscles in your leg area become weak or too tight it can cause the inward curvature known as knock knees.

The best way to correct knock knees with exercise is to do the following exercises regularly each day:

Leg Raises

Leg raises help correct knock knees by strengthening and improving the flexibility of your hips.

By strengthening your hip muscles your knees will gradually begin to turn outward and straighten up effectively.

To do leg raises properly follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by laying down flat on the ground with your legs outstretched in front of you.
  2. Now while keeping your hands down on the ground next to your sides bend your knees and raise your legs.
  3. As you bend your knees make sure you keep your abdominal muscles contracted and your toes pointed.
  4. Keep pushing your legs upward toward the ceiling until your feet are pointed at the ceiling.
  5. As soon as your legs have reached as high as you can go you should then slowly lower your legs back to the ground.

Repeat this leg raise exercise about 10 times to complete one set.

Sidestep Exercise

Another great exercise to help fix knock knees is the sidestep exercise.

This exercise works because it strengthens your hip muscles, which inadvertenly improves the inward turn at the knee.

To do this exercise simply follow the steps below:

  1. Begin by standing up in a squatting position while keeping your back as straight as possible.
  2. Place a resistance band around your lower thighs and then take a small step to the right side. As you take a step to the right side make sure you’re engaging your hip muscles as much as possible.
  3. Take about 10 steps to your right side with the resistance band around your lower thighs.
  4. After you’ve taken the 10 steps towards the right go ahead and switch by taking 10 steps toward your left side.

How to Lose The Weight Causing Genu Valgum

The best way to lose the weight causing or worsening your knock knees is to focus on your diet.

The type of foods you’re eating daily can definitely make a huge impact on your weight gain or weight loss.

One of the best types of diets to help lose weight effectively is the no sugar diet.

This diet requires you to cut out all sugary foods that contains excessive calories that cause extreme weight gain.

For more on different types of diets you can try to lose weight check out this website here.

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