Health Care according to the Ancient Indian Medical System

ancient indian ayurveda

What are the options for treatment and prevention provided to us by the knowledge of ancient India?

The territory of today’s Hindustan Peninsula was inhabited since the dawn of human civilization. The teaching of Ayurveda is a blend of the Vedic heritage of the Aryans who inhabited these lands, the ancient Indian philosophical treatises called the Upanishads and the tradition of yoga. It is one of the most ancient medical systems in the world and one of those that has maintained the strongest connection with nature. Ayurveda offers not only healing methods but also a lifestyle that helps keep our body and mind healthy and fit. Thanks to Ayurveda, the Indian people have been able to survive times of terrible wars, conquests of other nations, hunger, pest and poverty, and it is among the countries with largest populations and is even expected to get ahead of China in the future in terms of a number of residents.

Sushruta is one of the first doctors in the chronicles of Ancient India and one of the founders of Ayurveda. He is the first surgeon in the history of India and certainly one of the first surgeons in general, but due to our relatively limited ability to define the exact dates of the texts, it is difficult to determine whether he is the first in the world. He has also dealt with plastic surgery. Sushruta has left us his treatise “Sushruta Samhita”, which is fundamental to Ayurveda.

The ancient Ayurvedic tradition has many things in common with modern practices. According to Ayurveda, for example, there is a ritual similar to our modern ritual of making cake to celebrate the first steps of the baby. The child is allowed to crawl somewhere, thus predicting his future. Ayurveda also has other rituals that are performed on babies and children when they reach a certain age. In this way the teaching is similar to modern neonatology and pediatrics, starting health care from the cradle.

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Ayurveda has a different prescription for each person in terms of proper treatment, diet and lifestyle in general. This depends on his individual needs, which according to the doctrine are defined by the so-called constitution – the ratio of the person’s doshas. The main doshas are three – Pitta, Kapha and Vata, and one of these is predominant in each person, as sometimes two can be predominant, and very rarely- all three can be equally represented.

What draws many people to this medicine is that Ayurveda heals and helps us to live better with the help of one hundred percent natural methods and substances. They have no side effects or these are minimized, unlike the synthetic products of the modern pharmaceutical industry. In addition, Ayurvedic methods have proven particularly effective in treating chronic conditions such as sleep problems, obesity, skin diseases, depression, and many others, for which traditional medicine is sometimes unable to find a lasting solution. Regular Ayurvedic therapies help us cope with the stress of our daily lives and thus act as a very good prevention against all the diseases provoked by stress.

Ayurvedic methods

Various types of massages are often applied in Ayurveda. Their combination with detoxifying regimens with natural ingredients that help purify both body and mind is extremely useful. Almost all therapies lead to the strengthening of our immune system and generally make us feel a surge of high energies and confidence.

In the twentieth century, the teachings of Ayurveda spread throughout the world thanks to the thousands of people who practiced them in India and Southeast Asia. The interest in Ayurveda has increased over the years, and nowadays this healing system can be studied at the university level not only in India but even in countries like the USA. For several years, Ayurveda has been gaining followers in Bulgaria. With regard to the different therapies, it is especially important for us to be sure that we are visiting the best specialists in the field. The specialized “Ayurveda Clinics” in Sofia city and in the town of Bansko have brought together expert Ayurvedic physicians and therapists from India and Bulgaria. Ayurvedic physicians

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