Why You Should Consider Seeking Professional Contraception Help

Seeking Professional Contraception

Contraception offers many benefits beyond unwanted pregnancy prevention. You can, for example, prevent STDs, ease concerns from abnormal menstrual cycles, help avoid hormonal acne, manage endometriosis, lower uterine cancer risks, and alleviate PMDD and PMS symptoms, to name a few. However, contraception can be challenging, especially with all the misconceptions and many options available. You can improve your endeavors by considering a specialist’s help. Womens care specialists can improve your contraception efforts in the following ways:

Accurate information

Misconceptions surrounding various contraception means can get the better of you and misdirect your choice. For instance, some avoid hormonal birth control due to fear of increased health risks, infertility, or weight gain. If done right, hormonal contraception is safe, convenient, and delivers many health benefits. A specialist offers accurate information, helping you choose a contraception method that best suits your needs and situation. You won’t be driven by fear or misconceptions, helping you use the most appropriate option.

Medical history

Are you battling health concerns that could affect your reproductive system or impact contraception’s effectiveness? Your medical history provides insights into your health risks and complication that can arise from certain contraception. For instance, if you have had a severe allergic reaction to certain medications, contraceptives with synthetic hormones could expose you to health risks. A specialist can help you navigate such risks and find a method that won’t expose you to health risks and complications. This will allow you to adopt the most suitable contraception method.

Reproductive health insights

A lot, including STDs, can impact your reproductive health. A specialist can help you better understand your reproductive system and measures that can help improve its health. You could also ask for STD testing before choosing a contraceptive method. This can eliminate worries such as developing complications from infections following contraception use. Keeping your reproductive system at its best, especially with your future goals in mind, is important. This is among the areas the specialist can help you address.

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Goals and lifestyle

What is the best contraception method considering your goals, such as conceiving in the next three years? How about your current lifestyle, such as engaging sexually with multiple partners? Contraception means, such as pills, can help avoid unwanted pregnancy and deliver other health advantages. However, the method does not offer as much protection against STIs if you are not exclusive. Others also impact your quest to conceive later, meaning you may have to jump through hoops if you intend to have a child.

A specialist can help you weigh different methods and pick the one matching your goals and lifestyle. This may even include a combination, such as pills to help with menstrual-related concerns and condoms to lower the risks of STIs. Lifestyle, such as your schedule, can also be in question. If you can’t keep up with the pill, your specialist can help you pick an alternative, like an injection or implant.

Navigating the contraception journey is much easier with a professional by your side. You can learn more about your reproductive health and how it changes in various stages, pick a contraception method in line with your goals and lifestyle, and adopt a healthier regimen. Visit Suncoast Women’s Care today for more on contraception.

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