Reasons For Opting for PRP Hair Restoration

Generally, hair loss can greatly impact your appearance and which also affects your overall self-confidence. That is why people explore various solutions available, including over-the-counter products, which are ineffective and often fall short causing unwanted effects. However, microneedling with PRP is currently available to help stimulate hair growth.

You can therefore opt for Verona PRP hair restoration, especially if you have started experiencing baldness at an early age which is making you look older, to help stimulate the growth of your natural hair. Doing so makes you look youthful and confident in your appearance. Other additional reasons for using PRP hair restoration include the following:


In most cases, no one would like to undertake any treatment resulting in the formation of scars, especially on their head, because it will always be the first thing people see or note. However, with PRP therapy, no scars are formed because it only involves using needles, and no cuts are made on your scalp. Because of its high quality, PRP therapy is also used in treating other parts of your body, including legs, arms, and even the face.


Most people prefer PRP hair restoration because it is minimally invasive and non-surgical. It is usually performed as an in-office procedure by doctors without the need for any operation that would require you to enter an operating room. Therefore, recovery is quick, and you can resume your daily chores after the procedure because your care provider only uses a needle to draw blood and later use another needle to inject PRP into the target site.

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It is considered one of the safest therapies for dealing with hair concerns. Most care providers consider the treatment safe because it involves using your body cells, and being non-surgical and non-invasive also makes it even safer. Since your body cells are used, it eliminates any risk of allergic reactions. There is no possibility of contamination and spread of infections because there is no other point of entry apart from via a needle.

Minimal discomforts

Treatments that do not involve surgical procedures leave the patients experiencing minimal discomfort, especially when the injection is being administered. The pain you experience during treatment varies with the area being treated and your level of pain tolerance. Your dermatologist might give local anesthesia to people with low pain tolerance, thus promoting comfort throughout the procedure.

Very effective

PRP hair restoration is one of the most effective hair treatments that is being used across the world by most dermatologists. Therefore, if you have hair concerns such as hair loss, you should consider using PRP hair restoration because it provides promising results within three months following treatment.

According to the studies, PRP therapy has proven efficient in treating male pattern baldness. Therefore, it would be a great choice to use PRP hair restoration, especially if you suffer from hair loss, and it will help stimulate hair regrowth. If you battle hair loss and are interested in trying a non-invasive treatment, you can schedule your appointment at Montclair Rejuvenation Center and receive PRP therapy, which aims at helping you regain your hair.

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