5 Hairstyles for Scrub Caps

Scrub caps go hand in hand with specific hairstyles and haircuts, as the haircut style often demands the type of cap to wear at that time. For example, an undercut hairstyle will need a scrub cap, whereas curly hair would require something else. This post will discuss 5 hairstyles for scrub caps.

  1. The Poppy

The poppy is one of the most popular hairstyles for those afraid of styling their hair daily. The poppies can be done any length but are usually cut short enough so that it covers the eyebrows, giving off a casual look. The most important thing you should know about this cut is that the head is shaped similar to that of a football helmet, as it has a flat top that is much smaller than the rest of the head. If you have thick long hair, consider cutting your hair before doing a poppy, or else you may spend more time pulling your hair out by the roots. You can get away with having some loose curls once they are styled, but you shouldn’t use heat styling tools or products on them after being pulled back tightly into a bun.

  1. The Blunt Bob With Bangs

If you’re looking for a fun classic bob that’s easy to maintain, then the blunt bob with bangs is what you want. While any type of bob haircut will work, this hairstyle looks better on men because it takes less maintenance. You’ll need to wash your hair every time you shampoo it, but this won’t take too long since there are no layers. In addition, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to purchase a great-looking blunt bob. A cheap straightening iron works perfectly for holding the shape of the hairstyle.

  1. The Pixie
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If you’re worried about frizz, a pixie is the best option. Unlike other cuts, this requires minimal upkeep. However, keep in mind that your hair needs to be dry when you do this cut. If you wait until the morning, this will make your hair frizzy and unmanageable. The Pixie scrub cap can also help minimize frizz even further. A good quality hair cap like the ones from Tress Cap will save you so much time in the mornings.

  1. The Short Wavy Haircut

A short wavy haircut makes for one of the easiest hairstyles to manage. It doesn’t have any defined layers, meaning you only need to brush your hair once per week. The key here is making sure that your waves aren’t too large; otherwise, your hair could become heavy and greasy. Keeping your hair under control is essential to getting this look just right. For instance, you can use a texturizing spray to give your hair body, and volume before going to bed each night. Once you wake up, simply grab a comb and run through small sections to loosen up any knots. After that, apply a leave-in conditioner and put the cap on to seal in all the moisture.

  1. The Ponytail

A ponytail is another great way to prevent frizz, especially during winter. You need to wet your hair and tie it up in a nice neat little ponytail. From here, clip it tight to hold its structure. Now, you can either let your hair air dry or blow dry it. Either way, you need to make sure it stays moisturized. Once it does, you can put on a bit of hairspray to style it.

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