Benefits of Wearing Retainers After Braces

Benefits of Wearing Retainers After Braces

There is nothing more exhilarating than having your orthodontic braces removed following weeks of uneasiness and discomfort. Eventually, your teeth are unfastened, and you may now smile broadly without feeling uncomfortable. Nonetheless, you should wear retainers after bracing to avoid orthodontic relapses. Although it may be the last thing you would like to hear, retainers are more of a need than a luxury. At Gaiduchik Orthodontics, Dr. Andrey offers custom retainers to preserve the outcomes of your orthodontic therapy. Meanwhile, continue reading to learn more about retainers Carmichael and what benefits they offer.

What Exactly Are Retainers?

As the name suggests, retainers are tiny metal or plastic pieces placed to hold your teeth in position after orthodontic therapy. They prevent your formerly crooked teeth from returning to their initial condition (before wearing the braces). Thus, it is recommended to wear retainers routinely for a specific period.

Here are additional benefits of wearing retainers following orthodontic realignment:

1) Preserves Space Required for New Teeth Development

Interestingly, most persons who wear orthodontic appliances are either extremely young or adolescents. Retainers aid in maintaining the jaw’s natural dimensions by preserving the existing teeth to prevent new teeth from crowding the mouth. Without this space, new teeth would erupt crooked, resulting in oral diseases like cavities and periodontal disease.

2) Stabilizes and Reinforces Your Bite

Braces impede impact not only on your teeth’s position but also on the adjacent bone and tissues. Retainers hold these bones and tissues in position after braces are withdrawn till they adjust to the new position. With time, the retainers stabilize your bite and decrease trembling while chewing tough meals. To stabilize and reinforce your bite, your dentist recommends that you wear retainers for between 12 and 22 hours every day.

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3) Prevents Reversal and Relapses

As discussed, retainers hold the teeth, gums, and jaw in their proper locations until they adjust and adhere on their own. To accomplish this, you must utilize the retainer for several months. As their maturing dentures are susceptible to relapse, adolescents and preteenagers could be required to wear their retainers for several years.

4) Aids in the Shaping of the Gums and Teeth

Like most other body organs, the mouth may eventually adapt to new environments. With retainers, the mouth is compelled to adjust to the new tooth alignment, as gums and teeth cannot grow outside the predetermined line.

What Are The Best Tips For Wearing Retainers?

Before and after donning retainers, it is essential to:

  • Strictly adhere to the directions on the retainer box and your dentist’s guidelines
  • Retain the same home care regimen as when you had braces
  • Ensure that your backpack, bag, and other accessories have adequate room for your retainer case
  • Always place it in the same location to avoid misplacing it
  • If the retainer causes mouth irritation, apply the suggested sore rinse
  • Use small incentives to encourage children to wear their retainers, particularly during the first weeks

Retainers could play a significant part in maintaining a straight and healthy smile. For your teeth alignment to be successful, you must carefully wear your retainer for the time prescribed by your dentist. Contact Gaiduchik Orthodontics through your phone or request an appointment online to obtain a retainer that fits comfortably or corrects specific issues.

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